Your Business Success Depends on Your Personal Work Performance

Your Business Success Depends on Your Personal Work Performance

When speaking of business success, the words ‘performance’ and ‘productivity’ are often used, almost interchangeably at times. Admittedly, it is fair to assume that all of us are familiar with the importance of performance and productivity at work. Many of us, (myself included) have spent more than our fair share of time and money on books and apps devoted to increasing productivity and helping us find more time in our day for work.

After reading and analyzing books, blogs and podcasts, I have realized the one thing that matters most for business success is almost always overlooked or overshadowed. It’s your application. We go to such great efforts to learn more about time management, productivity and personal development that we overlook the application part.

One of the most important parts of learning anything is the application of new information, both for information retention as well as applied practice. A close friend of mine recently started focusing more on herself and the application of the new principles she was learning rather than simply striving to learn new things.

We spoke at length about her changes and how they resulted in her Kyäni MLM business blossoming into something bigger than she had thought possible. Her secret to success definitely utilized the things she had learned in regards to time management and productivity, but focused more on her personal work performance.

She shared with me that her strategy for work productivity had 3 important steps:

Sticking to the essentials
Getting in the right mindset
Overall fundamentality of working.

The fundamental portion of personal work performance, to her, focuses on being mentally prepared for work. If you are not mentally prepared to do even the most basic of work tasks for yourself, how can you reasonably expect or hope for success? These fundamental characteristics include among other things, a distraction-free workplace and clean environment, healthy diet and full night of rest.

The physiological aspect of productive personal work performance is related to living a mostly stress-free life, being able to focus on work without letting exterior components of life distract as well as always working towards your goals. She also identified the importance of a work balance so that work did feel too overpowering or dominating.

Finally, the details of work. These represent the specifics of work – understanding your specific tasks, how to efficiently take care of your work, communicating clearly with clients and/or customers as well as realizing the potential of your hard work.

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