Using McDonalds as a Model of Success for Your MLM Business

Using McDonalds as a Model of Success for Your MLM Business

McDonalds has a fascinating history – a story with a lot of surprises that many are unaware of. Roy Kroc is the man behind McDonalds, at least the one who made it into what it is today.

As an MLM distributor and business owner, I was very interested to learn more about one of the country’s most successful businesses, hoping I could learn how to continue to build my Kyäni business.

The thing that stood out to me very early on was that Kroc was older when he started McDonalds. He was 52, proving that there really is no certain age in your life to start a business that will last a lifetime. Although I am young enough be his son, knowing that Kroc built McDonalds at that age gave me motivation to do more with my business in the years from now until I reach the age of 52.

Beyond simply starting a business later in life, I learned that Kroc was a master at keeping an eye out for opportunities that came his way. He recognized that he had a decent job/career selling multimixers, but he knew there would be other opportunities later that were bigger and more promising. The attitude of keeping an eye out for opportunities gifts you with the mindset of recognizing those opportunities rather than continually trying to find them.

Part of keeping an eye out for opportunities that come your way also means you should always be on your toes, ready to act fast when that opportunity comes. Kroc knew this and acted fast when he heard good things about McDonald’s. Fortunately, I acted similarly when I first heard about the financial freedom that came with joining Kyäni.

A side effect of always looking for opportunity is an optimistic attitude. Believing that there is always something better head of you prohibits you from looking at opportunities in a negative light. Part of believing that there is continually something better creates a sense of eagerness to find that thing – the opportunity that is to come.

Along with the positive attitude comes the importance to think big and dream big. So many people argue that thinking big makes it impossible to see and understand the current reality with perfect clarity. Using McDonalds as an example, Kroc saw McDonald’s as a great restaurant but also had the ability to think beyond one restaurant. He was able to envision a chain of restaurants with hundreds of locations.

Lofty thoughts and big dreams are actually achievable, so long as you are able to work towards those goals each day with focus and clarity. I adopted this same outlook when building my business. While I have not established 100+ locations, I have been able to quit my day job, allowing me to now focus entirely on my new Kyäni business.

Part of having a laser focus on success is persistence. I learned that aside from using his time effectively and devoting all his time and energy, Kroc also refused to be paid any salary in the first years of the business in an effort to further stimulate growth of the business.

Once you are able to harness the power of these traits and mindsets, the last thing you need to do in your own MLM business is focus on building a strong team! Kroc was not able to achieve everything he did on his own. He built a large successful team behind him just as you should in your own business. Adopting the same mindset and surrounding yourself with a strong team will set you up for furthered success in your own MLM business – success that you previously have been unable to reach. It may sound too easy, maybe even too good to be true, but I along with my business success stand by these small steps that led McDonald’s to success.


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