Using Email for Enhanced Success in Your MLM Business

Using Email for Enhanced Success in Your MLM Business

There are two ways to approach emails – either they are a complete waste of time during your day or they are a tool of productivity that grants you the ability to do more work in less time. There is, however, a fine line between being productive with email and letting it completely take over your day.

It was not that long ago that my email account had over 4000 unread email messages in it. Talk about a major stress each day – both the stress of wanting to achieve inbox zero as well as the anxiety of wondering if there was an important email I had missed, now buried somewhere among the 3,999 other digital companions.

As a distributor for Kyani, a leading MLM company, emails are so important to me as they represent the potentiality of a new customer or distributor. You can imagine my stress and anxiety wondering if that full inbox contained even one person wanting to do business with me.

In order to effectively deal with the stress of email each day, you need to first understand the beauty of email. I did not used to, but as soon as I did I was able to easily make changes and almost instantly see more success in my day. Email was created as a means for fast and direct communication both for time management and enhanced work productivity. If you are spending hours each day on email like I used to, you may be doing something wrong.

Rewind to just a few months ago and I was the guy who felt the need to open every email the second it came in, with the end goal of keeping my inbox at zero…or at least ensuring I was aware of every email I had received. As a result, I felt like the entirety of my day was spent cleaning my inboxes and responding to messages. Then, I made a big change. I started dealing with my emails first thing in the morning before addressing any other work – like earlier than most working humans are awake.

This change provided me incredible benefits such as a clear sense of direction for the work day after reading all of my emails within a short period of time. Because I was not constantly being distracted by emails, I was able to focus and complete many more tasks. I was also able to send more time interacting with potential customers for my at home business. My work productivity and success instantly skyrocketed as a direct result of this change. I know it will easily do the same for you.

The funny thing in all of this was that I had convinced myself that if I could quickly address every email, it would somehow lead to faster success. I failed to realize that there are two sides to an email. I was sending and responding to emails as fast as I could but the other side was not reciprocating that. I was, in essence, treating email as if it were a phone call. Using the same technique I now use would have actually gotten me a faster response as it would have put my email at the top of their inbox first thing in the morning.

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