The Power and Success of Getting up Early

The Power and Success of Getting up Early

For many years I have been the person who goes to bed late with the hope of getting up early. I don’t know why I was always so surprised that I could not get up early after finally going to bed at 2:30 or 3 in the morning. I had come to accept my reality that I would be the person who stayed up late not being as effective with my time as possible, then waking up late in the morning.

My sleep schedule had introduced new stresses into my day for a few reasons. First, me staying up late prevented me from accomplishing everything I wanted to during the day because as it got later into the night I was tired, with little to no motivation to accomplish anything. The longer this went on, the longer and longer my list of to-do’s become. Sleeping in until the last possible minute also added unwanted stress as my mornings started out in a panic, stressed about running-late for everything.

I knew for some time that I needed to make a change with me sleep schedule if I was to accomplish more, eliminate stress and reach new levels of success in my life. Writing this now, I do not know why I waited so long to make a change to my sleep schedule.

It was not until I was at lunch with a friend of mine who I have always looked up to for the success they have in their personal and professional life. At the time of our lunch he was working a full time job as well building his own business through Kyäni which was almost another full time job to him. He has now quit his full time job and is continuing to build his new business full time.

I mustered the courage during our lunch to ask him what his secret to success was – for his personal and professional life. Admittedly, I had assumed he would say something along the lines of ‘mastering your to do list or checking your emails at a certain time of day.’ His response was exactly what I needed to hear through. He admitted that a rigorous sleep schedule was his secret to success. He told me that he was able to start his new business while still working a regular full time job by getting up each morning before 5am.

Having to be at work by 9 each morning, he quickly realized that if he was to get more done each day, he needed to add time to his schedule before his day got busy. The only time for that was very early in the morning. He set out to get up at 4:30 each morning and go to bed by 10pm each night. He said it took quite some time to settle into that schedule, but once he did, the added productivity and success he enjoyed was better than he could have imagined.

After hearing that, I had the motivation I needed to follow suit and start getting up earlier each day. I would just need to start going to bed earlier each night. In the end, that proved to be the hardest part to change for me. However, I was able to do it, and once I did I too began to enjoy the same success and productivity that my friend has told me about.

If you find yourself in a similar type of situation that I was in, try adjusting your own sleep schedule to allow a little more morning time in your schedule. There is no certain time you need to get up in order to achieve more success, just sometime earlier than you currently are each day.

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