The Most Effective Ways to Market Your MLM Business

The Most Effective Ways to Market Your MLM Business

If you are new to the MLM industry, or have been involved in it for any period of time, it should come as no surprise that standing out among a crowd of other MLM distributors is a certainty you will have to learn sooner or later if you want to achieve further success in your own MLM business.

As a current Kyani distributor, I have seen it all when it comes to attention seeking – the good, the bad and the brilliant. I have seen distributors from my previous MLM business spend $10,000/month on pointless online advertising that merited no results. I have seen distributors arrive early to convention to spend thousands of dollars on exotic rental cars just to stand out amongst other distributors in an effort to create an heir of unobtainable success to everyone else. Among the crazier things I have seen was a distributor from my another company pay for a model level escort to accompany him around as his fiancé for the week of convention, just to show off and impress.

It really is sad to see some people go to such great lengths to impress other people while trying to win their admiration and respect. What is also somewhat sad is the fact that these distributors focus all of their attention on flaunting their successes to each other, whether actual or fictional success, rather than using their alluring success as a tool for attracting potential distributors and customers.

A friend of mine, also a Kyäni distributor, taught me early on that using your own success as an invitation or conversation start will go much further in growing your business and attracting more people to you rather than coming off as pretentious and unapproachable.

As an MLM distributor, you should focus on a few important and effective principles when it comes to attracting new potential distributors to your business. Creating opportunities, thinking big to affect large groups, helping others and working daily are among some of the most effective.

Creating opportunities for MLM marketing may be the most important aspect of attracting prospects to your company. The distributors that were spending all sorts of money to attract attention from their peers were onto something, just not attracting the right crowd. There are two essential types of opportunities to create – an opportunity for others to ask you about your business, and an opportunity for others to achieve and feel success.

Almost everyone is looking to learn and become more successful. Creating an opportunity help someone else achieve, even partially, that goal immediately creates an opportunity to present your business opportunity. If you can help someone progress towards their goal you have added immediate value to that connection making it more meaningful and memorable.

Creating these opportunities does require you to think differently, or a little bigger than normal. When you create goals for yourself that push you to stretch, you will accomplish more than normal when you try to reach your goal. As you create goals and think big, it is important to keep in mind that as you work to attract others to your business, it is best done on a large scale. This can easily happen if you take up activities such as public speaking or public seminars on topics such as financial freedom or starting your own business.

Obviously success does not happen overnight. Success requires hard work every day. If you are already accustomed to working hard, consider yourself fortunate because it is a trait fewer and fewer people have or value. Working hard each day lends to consistency which always builds trust. The more consistent you are with work, the more consistently you will see success in your MLM business.

Finally, helping other people usually does more for you than it does those you are helping. This does play into the creation opportunity portion of growing your business, but it also represents one of the best ways to stay humble and provide a positive impact for others.


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