The Impact of Influencer Marketing for Your Network Marketing Business

The Impact of Influencer Marketing for Your Network Marketing Business

Influencer marketing is an effective way to market your products. Social media and other media platforms are a fantastic way to promote your business. A recent study from Tomoson has said that for every $1 a company invests in influencer marketing it earns $6.50. The top 13 percent of companies that use influencer marketing earn more than $20 for each dollar it has invested in influencer marketing.

Despite its benefits, influencing is becoming harder and harder. The bottom 18 percent of those that invest in influencer marketing do not make any revenue.

As a network marketer and owner of a Kyani business, I am always looking for new ways to market my company. As of late, influencers have provided me with great options for furthered marketing, often increasing my ROI more than other advertising or marketing services.

Here are a few ways to improve your influencer marketing strategy:

Use Employees as Information Hubs

The Wasp Barcode 2017 State of Small Business Report has found that 30 percent of executive leaders have asked their employees to use personal social media to comment on and share company content. Besides hiring designated salespeople, this was the most common tactic.

People tend to believe their good friends more than brands’ advertisements. If trustworthy friends can vouch for a product’s success, then they are more willing to buy. Advertisements are out for money and friends are there to help. This is the idea, at least.

Using employees in this way is also an effective way of making your company seem more human and natural to deal with. People will connect more with an organization they see as an individual as opposed to a machine or large, faceless organization.

Make Your Influencers

This tip is the result of the common client perception mentioned in tip #1. Audiences know what advertisers want, and that breeds skepticism. An influencer message needs to be authentic, or the audience will see that advertisement as any other.

Your employees are best positioned to speak to your clients about the product and are more likely to believe them. Imagine what sort of message your company could share online if it can organize entire departments of employees to work together.

Create a culture of cooperation and employee involvement rather than simply following current HR traditions. Ask employee advocates to have ownership in revealing current culture.

Employee education is vital to achieving this cause. Management should teach employees what kind of audience they can expect and how to respond to their interests and needs. Focus on helping employees start and maintain genuine conversations with customers.

Instead of telling employees to post on their media as much as possible, you can help them understand what content is most effective at gaining attention at the right time. As the manager, you should ensure your sharing is easy in the front as well as the back. Accessibility should be easy for as many platforms as possible. Make sure you have easy accessibility to the share buttons on each of these platforms.

The lack of clear guidelines and instructions makes some marketers unsure of influence marketing. Because of this, many shy away from influence marketing via employees that could benefit their business. Be sure to find new and novel ways to implement influence marketing. As you can tell from this article, employees are a fantastic way to shake up your marketing campaign.


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