The Impact of Charitable Giving

The Impact of Charitable Giving

If you were to stop and think about how many charities you have given to over the past year, there would likely be a surprising number! Donating to charity is something that socially and culturally has always been considered important, almost positively expected at times. So many patrons often wonder if their donations are making a difference though. Some charities and charitable organizations have recently started exploring ways to further involve their donors as well as highlight to them the real power of their donation.


Recent research indicates that people are more likely to donate to charities that show how their donations are making a difference. in England, a recent survey found that around 60% of people  base their decision of which charity to donate to around the overall reach and impact of a particular charity’s work.


With a personal connection to a charity was found to be another factor in deciding which charities to donate to, some 70% of philanthropists believe this to be a very important influence. This means that 3 of 10 people are likely motivated to donate based solely on the crisis of funding or the specific need of a charity.


These statistics could easily be interpreted as negative, but it is evidence that those on the donating end want to have more of a connection and relationship with the charities they willingly donate to. To these donors, it is important to understand what their donation is doing, where it is going and see it doing good.


Charities and nonprofits are quickly learning that involving the donor more throughout the process of helping those in need has helped increase not only donations but the amount of volunteers that want to help. These organizations are realizing that people that there has always been a large group who wants to volunteer and donate, they just want to be involved throughout the process.


Take, for example, Kyani Caring Hands. Representatives from the parent company, Kyani, have the opportunity to not only donate to their charitable and philanthropic arm of the company, but also to stand side by side with founders of the company swerving. Caring Hands has spent time in various parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and South America helping those in need. They have constructed schools for children to promote the importance of education, they have fed the hungry and homeless.


Volunteers often share their view on the vast difference between simply donating to help and feeling good to physically helping, whether that be serving food to a malnourished child or clothing the homeless.


These recent changes to involve the donor have done more than increase donations and volunteers. Unfortunately, there have been charities in the past that were not completely honest or transparent with their administration of donations. As a result, a small amount of distrust and skepticism began to surround charities. The recent moves to involve the donor and show them the power of their help has not only reversed that negativity, but has also indirectly spurred an increase in charity awareness.


Recent studies show that almost 90% of business executives who align with a charity did so with the attitude of giving back to those in need. Additionally, a surprising 60% of those executives joined forces with a charitable organization with the goal of personal learning and development. All of this resulted in nearly 40% of donors increasing their donations.


The power of charities and nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving and helping those in need continues to grow stronger each year. Alongside that, though, the power of charitable giving as well as the benefit the donor stands to realize is growing at a faster rate, raising the importance of charitable giving and aligning with a charity. As this continues to grow, everyone from the recipient of help to those donating benefits more than they thought possible.



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