The Ease of Running Your Own Kyani Business

The Ease of Running Your Own Kyani Business

Due to the internet, it is easier than ever to start a business. Starting your own network marketing business through Kyani is somehow easier than I could have imagined.

As a result of the simplicity of starting a company, the market has become fierce and viciously competitive on the internet. To succeed in your Kyani business both online and physically, you need to know your competition and what they are up to, lest you fall behind in an ever-expanding online marketplace. Here are some ways to keep up with and outsmart the competition:

Watch their Social Media

Keep an eye on what your competing company is doing with their resources, especially those things that they have learned that benefits their business. By examining their resources and capabilities you can accurately determine what would be a waste of time for your company and what would bring success.

Read through competing websites

Focus on 2 things as you read your competitors’ websites:

Make note of the specific benefits and features they advertise.

Monitor any changes they make to their advertising.

Doing this will not just tell you how your competitors compare to your offering but will provide insight into their strategies whereby they accomplish their online success. If their language and focus shifts to focus on a new feature, a new angle, or a new customer base, then that is good evidence they are testing something new.

Sign up for their regular mailing lists

You will be updated on a regular basis by your competitors on their moves and promotions. You will receive a more intimate idea of what language they use to draw in clients as well.

Review your email lists. Are they effective at getting information out to your down line? Are they drawing in more customers? Are people joining or leaving, and why?

Test their products or services

Sign up for your competitors’ offerings and see what makes them special. Think about how they are better than your product and how you could improve their product, marketing, etc.

See what basic, simple services you offer just like the competition and determine to better them. Details count and will set your company apart from the others. By doing this you can find your own niche in the market no one else has thought to fill.

There are competitive monitoring tools that you can pay for if you are looking to observe their search visibility, market share, and other parts of a business.

Do not be convinced that you need to spend a lot of money to do the proper research on products. Consider looking at surveys and asking friends about the products. Seek honest answers to achieve your best possible results.

Testing the competition’s skin care and nutritional products allowed me to better converse about Kyani products because I knew first hand exactly what I was up against, as well as how to answer questions that would eventually come up about competitor’s products.

Monitor their reviews

Visit Google business listings, Facebook, Yelp, and other reliable sources to scout out reviews. Take note of what your competitor is doing well and doing poorly. Judge what you can improve on and how you can improve what they are doing based on the reviews you read. Be unbiased and objective as you pour through the reviews.

When I initially started doing a few of these things to gain a competitive edge against competing network marketing companies, I felt a little scummy at first. I quickly realized, though, that I was not trying to uncover the failures or negativity of other businesses. I was merely learning how to better manage my business by focusing on what other companies were not doing, or could not do effectively. A few days into this process I quickly realized that there is no better way to see how to run and grow your business than to study the successes and failures of other companies close to you.


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