Schools are Not Teaching Children How to Practically Succeed in Life

Schools are Not Teaching Children How to Practically Succeed in Life

An understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can open many professional doors, but these disciplines usually crumble into stagnancy and neglect when life calls for practicality.

My time running my Kyani nutritional business has taught me, if anything,  that simple, timeless rules for success make a difference. These rules often go overlooked, though celebrities and entrepreneurs obsess over them on a frequent basis. If you are finished dealing with stagnancy in your professional career, then this article is for you.

Here are the three timeless laws of success:

Work Hard

When you work at your minimum capacity, you only cheat yourself. Getting by on poor work will yield poor results and poor opportunities in the future. If you want the best results in life, then put forth the best effort.

The notorious MMA fighter and Champion Conor McGregor is a fine example of this principle. He is the first man to hold two MMA championships at the same time in the UFC. He has both accomplished something nobody else has and made millions upon millions of dollars in the process.

Some people may say his success comes from luck or talent, but it comes down to his work ethic. Listen to what he said in one interview: “If you put in the work to become number one, you will become number 1. If you put in the work to become the runner-up, you will become the runner-up. I put in the work to finish first!”

Since a self-made millionaire and double champion attributes his success to working hard, then shouldn’t we take a closer look at how hard we are working?

Despite a lack of talent or natural gifts, you can have a chance at becoming the best in the world!

Do not aim to pass with minimum effort. You can gain great success working hard if you simply change your attitude and mindset, hold yourself accountable to higher standards, study hard every day, and sacrifice daily.

Show Up and Do Not Complain

Some people never achieve because they never show up. They make excuses not to work hard and succeed, and it comes back to bite them.

People try to chalk down luck and chance as the prime reasons why many people find success. My theory is that they show up and do what they can. They do not make excuses.

Complaining is the quickest way to lose what good you have going for you. Whining and complaining places you in a toxic state of mind.

Momentum beats Motivation

There will come a time when your motivation wavers and the only thing you have going for you is your momentum. Ride the momentum!

Unlike motivation and inspiration, which come as fleeting emotions, momentum relies on movement and progress. When you take small steps toward success on a daily basis, the progress you make will continue to carry you forward.

After working consistently, you get used to what you have been doing, and it becomes easier to keep doing. The momentum is already there! Think of when you have exercised consistently for weeks. After a few weeks, it becomes easy to keep going to the gym, despite a lack of motivation.

Do something long enough, and the results accumulate and produce success. Do not rely on erratic and unpredictable emotions to determine what you will do. Work hard consistently, and you will eventually find fantastic success.

If Others Can, Why Not You?

If there is one thing you get from this article, then it should be that you can achieve whatever it is you put your mind to. There is no reason not to be successful.

Every person that has ever been successful encountered challenges along the way. As they heeded these three timeless rules of success, they found it. You can too.


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