Relationships Will Make or Break Your Company’s Success

Relationships Will Make or Break Your Company’s Success

I have learned that relationships you build with employees, customers, advisors, and investors are the lifeblood of your company. I thought I understood this fairly well as an employee of a few companies, but it was not until I started my own Kyani business that I truly learned just how important this is.

When you are working in a small team, it is easy for meetings and important events to fall through the cracks. Enter Clara Labs. Clara is a scheduling assistant that works with your email to ensure your meeting needs are taken care of.

Clara is an intelligent software that reads and responds to meeting requests in a clear and conversational way, integrates with calendars, follows up with unresponsive recipients, and books conference rooms.

The CEO of the company that makes Clara, Clara Labs, is run by an enthusiastic, 26-year-old entrepreneur named Maran Nelson. Maran notes that relationships are integral in the success of Clara Labs and urges other business leaders and entrepreneurs to take a considerate look at the relationships they have as well as those they do not. From there, make the necessary adjustments so that your life can be full of strong, supportive, inspiring relationships that will drive your business to higher levels of success.

For business owners, it is important to have a close friend to combat loneliness as well as assist in the development of new ideas for your company.

Another valuable relationship to pursue is becoming part of a group of entrepreneurs. There is value and power in being part of a group of like-minded people who are facing similar issues and challenges in each aspect of their life.

I have also learned that having a relationship with someone in an employee level position at a different company has tremendous value. As you communicate with them about their feelings and observances of being an employee you can easily adjust your behavior, if needed, to be as best as possible for your employees and co-workers.

It sounds counterintuitive at times, but having a mentor or leader to follow is another important relationship to consider as a business leader. Having this relationship can greatly help you achieve further success by giving you a path to follow – a path that you can see has led someone else to succeed.

It should go without saying that having a great relationship with a significant other is one of the most important relationships to have and maintain. While it is easy to take some of these powerful relationships for granted, it only takes one moment of challenge to realize how important a support system at home can be. Knowing that no matter what you have encouragement from others that are important to you can make a world of difference no matter the situation you are in.


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