Marketing Your Kyani Business in Super Bowl Style

Marketing Your Kyani Business in Super Bowl Style

The Super Bowl has been dubbed “The Marketer’s Holiday” for good reason. With $5 million for a mere 30-second spot, the Super Bowl is one of the highest-grossing media events in the world. Because of its immense price, only the biggest and most competitive brands participate in the advertisement circus.

Though your business may not be as big as Doritos or Tide, you can still learn a lot from the Super Bowl ads to progress your business. It has been my experience in running my successful Kyani business and reaching the rank of Blue Diamond that has taught me the value and long-term importance of quality business marketing. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to effective and powerful marketing for your network marketing business:

Use multiple channels

For the most effective advertisement campaigns, broadcast advertising is just the launching pad. Before the big game many businesses utilized social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and especially video sharing sites like YouTube to put the brand’s name and product out into the online ether. Like the Super Bowl ads, there needs to be a follow-up. This follow-up can be done on influencer networks and the same mediums as many of the prelude ads.

Rocket mortgage is a fantastic example of this. Advertising quickly led to online resources to learn more and that was supplemented by a social media campaign that hit the internet hard during the game.

With this method in mind, I like to use the major social media channels to advertise my business and my follow up occurs when I meet with a potential customer or potential business representative where they get to learn more about the products I offer as well as sample them.

Consider Context

The environment is everything. Make sure to present your product and company’s message in a way that is appropriate to the environment. The Super Bowl is a massive stage for advertisement, but it is also a place that is expected to be safe for families in fun, friendly atmosphere.

Because of this, advertisers during the Super Bowl stick to lighter messaging including warm, friendly messages and outright entertainment.

Consumer Insight

Good marketing campaigns start with consumer insight to grab a specific audience’s attention. The more emotional and heart-touching the experience for the viewer, the more memorable the advertising will be.

Verizon is a great example. They used their network to connect first responders to the people they saved. The more personal and emotional the connection the better.

One thing that seemingly every individual wants more of in their life is improved health and a greater amount of financial freedom. My advertising and networking is built around these two items of context.

Make People Happy

Messaging that makes people smile is always far easier to share and remember. Find humor in your advertisement, and it will help people want to share it with friends and family.

Stay true to your brand and its message, but do not take yourself too seriously! The companies with the funniest commercials are remembered with those that have the most heartfelt messages.

I try to make people smile more in my follow up to my advertisements then in the advertisement. I have found that if I create a level of curiosity and entertainment in my advertisements, I am perfectly primed for making people happy when we come in contact with one another.

Repeat for Remembrance

Information, including advertisements, need to be repeated to be remembered. Be sure to repeat your message over and over again to make sure it penetrates the audience. Your target audience, no matter what it is, is constantly being bombarded with distractions and markets trying to get their attention. Be sure yours is one that will stand out in their minds. If you can capture your audience you will have a far greater chance of gaining their repeated attention. People are creatures of habit, and even though they have 10 different products to choose from, they will choose whichever one is most familiar to them. Make your product, common, familiar, and yet innovative, exciting, and new.

This may be the most important part of the entire advertisement campaign – you need to reiterate and maintain the same message. If you are talking about every health benefit and financial opportunity in your advertisements, there is no clear message, just a bunch of great information. With that in mind, pay attention to advertisements for products in similar genres of your business and you will quickly see through example how to perfectly craft a powerful advertisement campaign for your network marketing business.

Once you have done that, the real work of following up begins. Enjoy!


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