Learning from the Success of Others Increases Your Success

Learning from the Success of Others Increases Your Success

As a Kyani Blue Diamond, I have learned that emulating the successful traits and work ethics of successful people surrounding you can indeed increase your level of success. Taking that one step further, though, reading about successful people, their habits and their journey to success can be just as rewarding. The following is one of those stories that both teaches how to navigate troubled and turbulent waters of business as well as offers inspiration for anyone working hard to make something of their business.

Ryan Serhant is notorious in the Real Estate business as a hard-charging and capable leader that gets the job done. His company owns one billion dollars worth of real estate in New York City and is looking at double that amount in the coming year to sell. He did not start out this way. His story can inspire those seeking even greater success and fulfillment in their lives.

Ryan always wanted to be an actor. He played all the sports he could in school, but ultimately was interested in theater. His parents came from financial professions, and so he felt a family expectation to become a financier or lawyer. He attended college and found himself in the middle of New York City trying to make a living. He realized that everything costs money, and even bananas are expensive!

Ryan learned growing up he was never above any hard work. He worked as a carpenter’s laborer during the summers as a young man, which developed his hard work ethic but made him never want to do that sort of manual labor again.

He began selling real estate as a way to tie him over until he was hired as an actor. He faced rejection after rejection in theater because of factors outside his control. This was when Ryan realized that it did not matter how hard he worked as an actor, but it did matter how hard he worked in real estate. Hard work in the theater did not translate to success for him in acting, but hard work in real estate was bringing him more and more income.

Not far from his apartment lived a 17-year-old teenager with a small child who was getting real estate deals. Ryan had no idea how he was finding so much success! Frustrated and discouraged, Ryan called his brother and complained about the situation and considered returning home for other work. After some firm correction, Ryan’s brother told him he needed to buck up and find out how this kid was getting real estate deals.

After some success as a realtor, Ryan got a job on a reality show called “Million Dollar Listing.” He was able to enjoy being a TV star like he had always wanted, but NBC Studios put the fire to his feet. This was reality TV. If he was not a good broker, then he was going to be a bad broker whose failure was to be broadcast on television. The show was a double-edged sword; either he would come out of it as a star, or he would be fired and forever mocked by the real estate community. His nervous energy and utter terror led him to work harder than he ever had before, and he achieved immense success.

The advice Ryan would give those seeking success in real estate is to hold on and be patient. People want instant gratification, and that desire makes them short-sighted. The best deals he has ever made took him years. A huge part of this long-term planning and success comes from networking and making the right connections. These lead a diligent worker to success.

My time at Kyani has taught me similar lessons, though not on such a large scale. Work hard, do the best you can, and take risks. Be willing and patient, and you will go far.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/video/308703

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