How You Can Overcome Procrastination and Reach Maximum Productivity in Your Business

How You Can Overcome Procrastination and Reach Maximum Productivity in Your Business

2017 has been, well, an interesting year on all fronts. I’m going to avoid all controversial topics from 2017 and jump right into the season that immediately follows the holiday season – resolution season.

If you are like me, you probably procrastinate a little bit…or a lot. Admittedly, I have put off writing this post about procrastination for a few weeks, telling myself that I will get to it tomorrow. I guess today is that tomorrow!

In order to fully understand the importance of overcoming procrastination for success in your business, let’s go back to the end of 2016. I was a recent business owner in an MLM company with massively unobtainable new years resolutions. I had set goals that made lofty goals look achievable. What made this worse was the fact that I had somehow convinced myself that I was capable of achieving any and every goal I set.

A few months into 2017 my MLM business was tanking, while my list of to-do’s was growing as was the list of things I should be doing to build my business and increase my success.

I decided to have a very frank meeting with myself, and in some way completely and honestly analyze my weaknesses. It was brutal, yet so eye opening and empowering to expose my own weaknesses to myself while simultaneously realizing that I was the only reason my business was failing.

This may be a teaser, but after that meeting I set new rules and resolutions for myself, and as a result I am ending 2017 with a growing business in Kyäni and my brand new dream car in my driveway as a result of my changes earlier this year.

Finally realizing that I was the only thing standing in front of myself made me realize that there are so many other people with the same lofty goals and ambitions that I had that can honestly achieve what they want simply by overcoming procrastination.

The first thing you should do to overcome procrastination is to have that meeting with yourself. Be brutally honest and write down the things you are doing that are getting in your way. It is hard, but if you want to achieve anything great, you will have to do great things.

Once you have done that, start policing your time relentlessly. Be very assertive in what you are doing, and embrace the power of the ‘no’ word. You will quickly see how many opportunities, often worthwhile, present themselves that are nothing more than a waste of time and a roadblock to your success.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to success if your phone. Yes, please continue using it for work and occasional leisure, but learn to manage those notifications and time you spend on social accounts. I downloaded an app to track how much time I was spending on my phone. I was embarrassed to see how many hours I was spending on social media alone each day.

I have recently silenced my phone completely when it is time to work, allowing only certain notifications to come through in case of emergency. I quickly found that simply checking a text message, email or other notification somehow pushed my into non essential exploration of social media and pointless things online. That all could have waited until after work.

With that in mind, it is important to occasionally take a break. You should not expect a solid 6-8 hours or work from yourself with no break. This is one of the largest precursors to procrastination because when something seems overwhelmingly endless, you naturally put it off, often finding other things to do. Taking just 10 minutes occasionally will allow you to clear your mind and return to your work with recharged vigor.

I continued to procrastinate in some ways, but decided that if I am going to procrastinate one thing, I need to do something productive still in its place. For example, if I do not want to go out and meet new people that could become a customer or distributor in my business, I should be responding to emails or reading a book on growing my MLM business. Doing this somehow satisfied my need to still procrastinate certain things while maintaining the level of productivity I craved.

Finally, one of the best things I did to pull myself out of the endless cycle of procrastination was to reward myself with something each time I achieved the most difficult and strenuous of tasks. One of the rewards was doing the things I used to do when I was procrastinating. I also decided to reward myself with a vacation and new car if I could achieve certain goals in my business within a certain period of time this year.

Setting some goals that were more obtainable, getting out of my own way and overcoming procrastination may be the best things I did this year. Because of that, I am finally living the life of success I have always dreamed of having. Now it’s your turn to get out of your way and grasp the success you’ve always wanted!

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