How to Successfully Share Your Sales Pitch with Strangers

How to Successfully Share Your Sales Pitch with Strangers

I used to be terrified to speak to strangers. I had no idea what to say to start a conversation, and when it did happen, I had no idea what to say in return to their questions. The conversation quickly died and my then opportunity to share what meant so much to me vanished.


Fast forward a few years, I had been practicing how to start conversations with strangers, learning great communication and listening skills and practicing that. Still, though, I was terrified about sharing details about my business and how they stood to benefit from it.


In a way, I was lost because I could converse about almost anything minus my business. I made a few simple changes that made a big difference, and because of it, I now confidently share my business opportunity with almost everyone I come in contact with. I know the same can happen to you with a few of these incredibly simple tips and tweaks to your MLM opportunity presentation.


The first thing I had to do was stop putting so much intense pressure on myself to succeed in every conversation. Because of that I quickly felt like a failure in bringing up my MLM and soon did not want to even talk about it because of how it made me feel. I changed my approach to each conversation, now with the understanding that if my MLM opportunity did not come up, that was fine! I at least made a contact I could approach later. Also, if I was able to share information about my business and the contact was not interested, that in no way meant I had failed. They were simply not interested!


I also learned to not start out by sharing with everyone my business opportunity without first getting to know the person. Doing so made it easier in so many ways to share my business opportunity because I better knew how it would benefit aspects of their life I previously did not know about. Additionally, waiting a little bit to start sharing your business opportunity makes the conversation seem less like a sales pitch.


One insider tip from a leading business partner at Kyäni is to first flatter the contact. This is a secret pulled from one of the leading customer service department stores – Nordstrom. Immediately after receiving a compliment, we want to naturally talk with the person more because of how they made us feel. It may be difficult at first to find something to compliment on simply because you are new at it, but with time you can quickly become a pro. You could say something along the lines of “Excuse me, I wanted to say I really like your watch. You have great taste. Do you mind sharing where you found that?” The benefit of a compliment like this is two-fold – First, it compliments the person and second, it opens up the door for a conversation starting with everyone’s favorite subject: them.


Dating coaches and sales professionals often teach the need to create desire and want for more in a conversation in order to achieve success. Similarly, when talking about your business opportunity, do the same thing. It is fairly simple, really. Using the example of talking about the watch, continue the conversation on listening intently to what they have to say. Offer follow up questions to get to know them, asking about their family, their work, their hobbies, etc.


After you have listened and communicated for a while, apologize for having to cut the conversation short but that you have a conference call to lead or participate in soon for your business and you need to go. Doing so creates an air of curiosity about what you do. Leave your contact information and end the conversation with an invite to continue the conversation sometime, adding that you would love to share more about your business with them now knowing how it could improve their life.


This one technique has worked so many times for me. It is one of my favorite ways to communicate with people when sharing information about my business. Give this technique a shot and enjoy the increased success and sense of accomplishment you will feel!

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