How to Share Your MLM During the Holidays

How to Share Your MLM During the Holidays

Seemingly everyone’s purse strings are loosened towards the end of each year as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s pass by. As an independent distributor, you stand the chance to capitalize on this remarkable time of year, pocketing a little extra Christmas spending money for yourself or those you love.


The secret to increased success in your MLM business during the holiday months comes down to creativity. It really does not take a lot of creativity to wrap up a gift set of your favorite product and give it to them with the hope that they will use it, love it then come rushing back to you for more. Maybe that happens, but not as much as anyone thinks. Also, the gift seems more like a sales pitch on your MLM than a gift, almost always leaving a bad taste for the MLM industry.


Because MLM companies are almost all focused on promoting health and wellness as well as a more enjoyable life, seek to share a gift aligning with that lifestyle in combination with a sample of your product. For example, a fruit basket or an invitation for a get together where you can share your lifestyle are great gifts. Within the fruit basket, you can include a sampling of your product with a handwritten card explaining the benefits you love about living a full and healthy life and how your product beautifully compliments or accompanies the natural goodness of fruit.


Within that card, include a direct invitation to hear back from them with honest feedback about the product that is strictly for feedback and not for a sales pitch. Remain true to that, and if they have negative feedback later, thank them for it. If their experience is positive, more than likely they will ask more about the product, essentially creating the sales opportunity for you rather than you having to do so.


Holding a large holiday party is a great way to introduce people to your MLM as well. If you invite friends, family and neighbors to your home for an unforgettable Christmas party, many people may end up asking you about your success and what you do. This is the perfect segway into sharing information about your MLM, the product and how it can change their lives just as it did yours. As a thank you for coming to the party, you can send them home with wrapped samples of your product, again inviting them to share their feedback on the product.


Finally, sending a holiday card that stands out in a crowd is a great idea. Leading MLM distributors admit that sending a holiday card out to the contacts they have creates more opportunities to talk about their MLM. One leading distributor from Kyäni shares his secret of including a well appointed letter highlighting success, the power of work, time management, goal setting and how this all has led him to where he now is. Including a letter such as this with your elevated Holiday card will definitely set you apart from the crowd as well as create curiosity about your work, leading to a conversation. Because success as a gift is so rarely shared, people are much more receptive to gifts centered around increasing their overall success.


Any of these are great options for sharing your MLM with others during the holidays, so choose the one that best fits you and enjoy the increased exposure and interest surrounding your MLM. Most importantly, though, happy holidays!


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