How to Increase Your Confidence and Increase Your Business

How to Increase Your Confidence and Increase Your Business

You have probably heard that confidence sells. But why? On any given day we experience anxiety, fear or uncertainty about something. If you are a business owner, more than likely those feelings of insecurity and concern often are related to your business. While these feelings are normal and to be expected, they can quickly strip you of your confidence if you are not careful. Once that starts happening, your ability to effectively communicate and work productively become nearly nonexistent resulting in struggling revenue.

Chances are, you’ve found yourself in one part or another of this confidence equation. Confidence is something that for so many does not come naturally. When looking at other successful business owners or individuals, those who struggle with their own confidence quickly remind themselves they are not capable of achieving success, immediately indicating to themselves they are not capable of achieving anything of worth.

Not only is it possible to overcome this self-doubt and lack of confidence, but it is also possible to turn newfound confidence into business success. Additionally, your new found sense of self-worth and confidence will help you navigate the often unexpected turns life throws your way, including the unexpectedly nasty potholes that so often come your way.

One of the best things to improve your confidence, almost instantly, is to validate yourself through positive self-reassurance. If you succeed in something, whether or great or small, take a moment to tell yourself you succeeded. While there is nothing specific you have to tell yourself, the goal is to be positive and authentic in your positive praise. If you struggle to know how to do this, imagine talking to yourself in a positive and uplifting manner just as a good life coach or friend would.

Yes, it seems a little silly and sometimes pointless to do this. However, when you succeed, it is evidence that you confidently took action and the success you are feeling is a direct result of that. Whether big or small, you deserve credit for that. Over time, this praise and validation will condition you to remain confident both when you achieve anything as well as when you fall short.

Regardless of what others think or feel, you will know that you were successful in one or more aspects of your actions – even when you fail to land that big client or close a big deal. You were there while so many other business owners were not. That, alone, is a huge success. As you begin to understand that whether you fail or succeed it is all about learning from everything now, which is preparing you for accomplishing bigger and better things that are to come.

In addition to positive self-reinforcement, try learning something new occasionally. Whether you learn something small and factual each day through reading, or you develop a new useful skill each month, being engaged in learning new things will bring you an even larger sense of confidence. The benefit of learning new things is that it directly correlates with increasing the services your business offers, simultaneously elevating the validity and value of your own business.

One of the easiest ways to be continuously learning something new is to regularly ask yourself what you can learn from something. Whether that be when you came up short, succeeded or simply noticed another successful business. Focus on asking what you can learn and how it will help you achieve more next time or how it will help you grow your business.

Along the lines of learning something, it is critically important to remember and regularly remind yourself that you should not and will not be great at everything. From a business aspect, that is not a smart idea at all. Instead, focus on being ridiculously and exceptionally talented at one or two things in your business and personal life. Using this mindset will quickly set you apart as the business owner who designs and prints business cards like no other company or that one consultant who is able to help grow someone else’s business beyond anything they could have imagined.

A consultant for the skincare company, Kyani, recently shared her story of success related to confidence. She was determined to succeed in her business but struggled with the confidence to talk to others and share the opportunity to improve their life. She admits that even thinking that way was damaging. As she increased her self-confidence, she quickly came to believe that she was capable of so much more than she was telling herself she could achieve. Over a one year period, she said her newfound confidence took her business to new levels of success.

You will never find a customer praising anyone or any business for doing the best mediocre job they have ever seen.  Increasing your confidence through these steps will be easier than you think.


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