How to Have More Success in Your MLM

How to Have More Success in Your MLM

If you are reading this, chances are you are new to an MLM or are simply looking for a few more ways to further your success in the MLM arena. If you fall into either of these two categories, you are probably familiar with the negative reputation that somehow following the network marketing industry, making it very difficult to attract new representatives or customers. This makes success all the more difficult to achieve.


Regardless of what specific MLM company you are a part of, the success you achieve is directly associated to the efforts you put forth. You have to build something in order for it to begin rewarding you. The following ideas, tips and insider MLM secrets will lead you to greater success when applied.


It is no secret that living a lavish life for the world to see will create curiosity and drive people to ask you what makes you successful. It has worked for many leaders in the MLM industry and could work for you as well. However, the end goal of those efforts is to share your story of creating  business, being your own boss and achieving success. Being flashy and gaudy may not necessarily attract everyone that is interested in MLM. Try telling your story in other settings such as local business conferences or to people you meet while shopping and dining.


While sharing your story, be brief. This is important for two important reasons – first, people will not remember an elaborate and lengthy story. They will remember details, but not the entirety. Second, keeping it short will lead to questions from your prospective customer or recruit. Brief stories spark interest and create excitement.


As you are sharing your story or engaging with other people, seek to use simple and understandable questions in addition to hypothetical questions for those you are connecting with. For example, in the beginning you could ask if they are interested in how you were able to quit your job and work for yourself full-time. If the answer is no, don’t sweat it. You at least know not to go further with that contact. Adding a hypothetical to the equation comes in later while you are talking about the success they stand to make if becoming a representative with you. An example of this would be: “ Can you see yourself dedicating 1-2 hours each day to building a business that will eventually reward you with more time with your family as well as increased income and freedom?”


Questions like this work very well, according to psychologists. Asking someone to imagine themselves doing something merits an honest answer as well as the creation of either deep motivation to do something or the very honest answer of no, I cannot see myself doing that. Immediately you will know where the person you are working with stands.


Once you have posed a few hypothetical questions such as these, seek to schedule a follow up conversation. It is best to wait 1-2 days to do this, but not much longer. Over the period of a few days, their excitement stands a chance to increase, leading to a great first meeting. One high level distributor from Kyani shares her insider tip here of making contact the day after the initial contact, prior to the first meeting. She shares her excitement in the new relationship that was formed, hints at the possibility of success they, together, stand to create in the future as well her excitement to meet again soon. A message like this maintains or builds excitement.


Finally, do not be discouraged if this does not work your first try. If we were successful with everything we tried, never experiencing failure, we wouldn’t have the drive it takes to succeed.

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