How to Approach Strangers About Your MLM

How to Approach Strangers About Your MLM

Approaching strangers for anything can be difficult for some of us. Overcoming the fear of talking to complete strangers admittedly is more difficult than it sounds. Talking to complete strangers about your MLM can be even hard. However, once you can overcome that fear you can start taking action and increasing your success rate!


How, then, do you overcome your fear of talking with strangers? Not surprisingly, this is a very common issue for people who are looking to date, people who are trying to create new friendships, or trying to create contacts.


One of the best things to do is locate something within the environment you find yourself in and share a comment about it with a nearby stranger you are looking to make contact with. It seems insignificant, we know, but it is the number one thing that saying coaches teach men who are looking to approach an attractive woman they are scared of talking to.


There are so many opportunities to create conversation with strangers around us based on the shared environment you will find yourselves in. Some of the best places to create conversation are in casual settings such as a coffeehouse, shopping mall, beauty counter at the mall or while in line waiting. Our favorite two spots to contact people are while traveling and while at the beauty counter in the mall.


We love contacting people while traveling because we already have so much in common because we are both traveling. Having a conversation about where you are traveling from and where you are going naturally opens up for a question to be asked about what you do for a living. As for the beauty counter, we love talking to strangers there because we share something in common – the products we are looking to purchase – and the fact that conversation is already happening because of the setting. The sales associates are the hidden gems we love to contact because of their natural ability to approach strangers, listen and sell. Even if we are not trying to contact them, it is great to see professional salespeople in action. Try it sometime – you might just learn a few things!


Some successful MLM distributors will say that they contact people everywhere. While the attitude of this is positive and to be commended, there are places that people probably do not want to be bothered. For us, if we are at the grocery store with a kid or in a hurry, the last thing we want to do is get to know someone new. Analyzing each situation where you could possibly contact someone is important so you do not leave a negative first impression.


It should go without saying, here, that while you are out contacting people you should have something to share with your new contacts that at least has your contact information on it. Carrying a simple business card with your name and number is a great first step!


Another tip from leading conversationalists and successful MLM distributors is to not overthink what you are going to share or say with a stranger for the first time. In fact, do not even worry about the results of the conversation. Just focus on making the effort to contact them and carry on a great conversation. Coupled with this is the need to avoid negative thinking. It is scary easy to start doubting yourself or assuming the worst while talking with someone. Doing so is not productive at all and more often than not that negativity comes out in the form of shattered confidence and hesitancy – both things that are not great selling points for an MLM distributor.


The reality of being a distributor or independent consultant in an MLM is that you have to be great at communicating with people in so many aspects. It is not possible to succeed in this industry sitting at your desk and doing everything via email without having a face to face or phone conversation. Talking to people effectively in this industry includes teamwork, team building, positive reinforcement, encouragement, invitations to people to try your product and opportunity, and gratitude for the hard work your team puts forth each day. One leading distributor from Kyani shares that her success is due almost entirely to her development in communication – “Without learning communication skills I would not have been able to achieve the success I enjoy today.”

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