How to Actually Get Motivated to Exercise

How to Actually Get Motivated to Exercise

The end of the year is coming which means two things – resolutions and a surge in gym memberships that people will more than likely use just a few times in January then continue paying on through the rest of the year.


There is a small group of people who decide that next year will be the year they get into shape and take their health and fitness seriously. The group is small because they remain committed to their goal and continue exercising and eating healthy all year long, leading to a completely positive overhaul of their life. Meanwhile, many of us are stuck on the outside of that exclusive group wondering how they stay to motivated and committed to exercising.


To be honest, having a habit of working out is uncommon. So many people try exercising a few times, have a poor experience or see no immediate changes and promptly give up. Their effort and determination is to be commended, but they have no lasting foundation of motivation to keep them going.


The best way to light a fire under your healthy motivation is to consider, maybe even write down, the benefits you will see both in the short term and the long term from exercising. If you are looking for a more comprehensive health change in your life, throw in the health benefits of a healthy and balanced diet to accompany the benefits of exercising. It will only add to your overall motivation in the long run.


In case you are not familiar with some of the most common and life-changing results of consistent exercise and diet, here they are:


First, happiness. Really, it is kind of the basis for the absolute majority of all choices and decisions we make. If something is not going to somehow bring you happiness, why are you spending your time on it? Happiness, related to exercise and diet, comes in the form of self-control and an enthusiastically positive attitude. When you feel like you are in control of your diet and body, you feel good – even if you have not reached the end goal you are working towards at the gym. Because you are progressing and in control of what used to rule you, the natural sense of optimism and enthusiasm sets in. Additionally, just going to gym and exercising will give you a massive boost of happiness and confidence.


Second, energy. If you are currently out of shape or have been there, you know how tired you always are. Even with a full night’s rest of 7-8 hours, you may still feel like you missed an entire night of sleep. There are multiple causes for this, but lack of physical activity and a poor diet are among the top reasons. Introducing regular exercise and healthy eating to your daily life will quickly give you more energy than you could have imagined. With that in mind, it is no surprise so many people choose to go to the gym early in the morning at the start of their day.


Third, your long-term health. There are too many important health benefits tied to healthy eating and daily exercise to even begin sharing here. On a more simple note, the benefit of living a long healthy life with minimal health problems should be reason enough to get most people off the couch and into the gym. Overweight and obese people have been known to die as early as their mid-forties. If you want to live five, ten or twenty years longer, head to the gym.


Finally, improved self control. As mentioned earlier, this is something that will naturally come with exercise and directly tied to happiness. When you are building a new healthy habit such as exercise, your ability to exercise self-control completely soars. Additionally, as you create and maintain healthy habits such as exercise and healthy eating, you will soon find the ability to easily build other healthily worthwhile habits.


To be honest, there are many more benefits to daily exercise that generally will get you motivated to exercise. For some, the biggest benefit is being able to slip back into that old dress you used to wear. While, for others, it is the satisfaction of stunning people who are taken back by your new image. Whatever your reasons are to exercise, identify those motivations and take time to think about them each day because they will keep you going.


While so many of us are capable of coming up with the motivation to do anything, whether that be exercise, change our diet or simply learn something new, the next challenge is actually starting.


This brings us back to the beginning of each year where so many people overzealously head to the gym oozing motivation to stick to their yearly resolution. Then, suddenly, everything comes to a grinding halt.


A close friend experienced this same situation last year. He went to the gym a few times in January then suddenly stopped due to decreased motivation and commitment. It was not until later in the year, after starting his own network marketing business with Kyani that he decided to try exercising again. This time around was different because he had a solid foundation of motivation.


If you are stuck in the transitionary phase of getting to the gym and starting, here are the best things to keep in mind:


  • First, you have to start somewhere…anywhere to be honest. Whether it is walking around where you live or driving the gym and simply going for a job on a treadmill, you have to start somewhere.


  • Second, you have got to start small before you reach your end goal, whatever it may be. Also worth remembering is the fact that if you overdo it the first few times exercising you may actually sustain an injury. Your confidence and ambition should never outweigh your ability, at least when it comes to exercising the first few times. Simply start something, somewhere, somehow and start slowly building from there.


  • Next, exercise should have some element of fun and enjoyment to it otherwise you will naturally despise it after some time. For some, the fun comes in the form of an activity tracker that shows them each day the progress they have made. For others it is making exercise and activity they enjoy, such as sports or dancing. One thing that also adds to the overall enjoyment of exercising is the ease of the task. If your exercise is too difficult, you will naturally start to dislike it after time as well.


  • Finally, make your daily exercise a routine part of your schedule each day. If you can only commit to 45 minutes each day, that is obviously better than the previous amount of exercise you were doing before realizing you needed to make a change. Not only should exercise become part of your daily routine, but you should eventually focus on creating an exercise routine. Once you know what exercises you need to do each day, you will almost instantly feel the confidence to do them. Comparatively, you will probably feel hopelessly lost walking into a gym with no plan, feeling completely overwhelmed wondering what you should do.


Overall, the biggest thing to remember is to find your personal motivation for positive change through exercise and diet, whatever those motivations may be. Commit to those motivations then start small somewhere and you will very quickly be impressed by the successes you are seeing.



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