How I Overcame My Introvert Tendencies and Grew a Successful Kyani Business

How I Overcame My Introvert Tendencies and Grew a Successful Kyani Business

At my previous place of employment, personality differences and talents were recognized. Extroverts sometimes got all the attention, but it was the introverts who remained an interesting & intriguing bunch of people.

Introverts tend to think before they speak, they listen more than they talk, they spend time with a tight group of friends and family rather than massive parties and networking events. Introverts thrive in a different environment than extroverts, but they have a lot to offer. The people who do the most talking do not always have the best ideas.

Introverts make up about 50 percent of the United States’ population and are valuable as thinkers, innovators, and leaders. Introverts are considered a group that is best suited for work that allows self-reflection, inward thinking, autonomy, and creativity. They prefer small groups and work independently.

While these are common beliefs about introverts, do not force yourself into these positions and roles if you are an introvert and do not feel you are supposed to fill those roles. Sculpt a life around your personality, but do what you want.

As an introvert, I completely understand the career challenges that you stand to face or have already faced. I spent so much time working a 9-5 job, living daily with a small level of depression because I was ashamed of my introvert-like tendencies until one day I decided that being an introvert did not define my career path or financial success.

I decided to take some of my 401k money and invest in a new Kyani business – something that would undoubtedly force me to overcome the introvert tendencies I did not like as well as become more comfortable and confident with the introvert tendencies I liked.

In order to become a successful introvert entrepreneur, I quickly learned that you need to be able to work quickly, efficiently, and with self-motivation.

Similar to a nutritionist, I also had to learn to provide counsel on nutrition, food preparation, diet, and lifestyle to achieve specific health goals both in my own life as well as in the life of those I was coming in contact with.

I also had to learn that making a mistake or coming up short is something that happens to everyone in business. Well, it happens to everyone in life, not just in business. Learning this took some time, but it changed my perspective from blaming myself and my introvert tendencies for the reason of the failure to approaching each failure as an opportunity to learn how to do better next time and avoid making the same mistake twice.

Starting a business is similar to starting a new hobby, or at least it was to me. I had a passion to become successful in my new Kyani business venture, but I learned that the longer I spent working on growing my business, the less I actually knew about business management. Understanding this is of critical importance for two reasons – first, it keeps you humble while avoiding self-doubt, realizing that you will never actually know everything about running a successful business. Rather, it is a continual process of learning how to run a successful business. It takes work. And second, keeping in mind that you do not know everything forces you to slow down and more thoroughly analyze each important business decision you make. This momentary pause for understanding has probably saved me more time and money than I care to admit.

I have a close friend who is also an introvert who works as an archivist – an information specialist who works with and preserves historical records from governmental organizations, museums, academia, and libraries. Archiving is a perfect profession for those who love reading, organization, and research. These are all things that I enjoy doing and decided to start applying these activities to my Kyani business.

Very quickly, I saw an increase in success as I started reading more about how to approach other people in a more friendly way, how to engage more with others, and how to be a better business leader and marketer. I also started organizing aspects of my business in a, well, more organized fashion. This helped me keep track of interested customers and potential business partners as well as stay organized with various promotions and sales events that would help my business thrive later on.

I am proud of the success I have had running and growing my Kyani business, but not solely because of the success the business has had, but rather due to the fact that I overcame so many things as an introvert to succeed in running my own business. If you are as committed to success and financial freedom as I am and you are an introvert, I know you can succeed just as I have.


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