Creating Opportunities when you Lose Your Job

Creating Opportunities when you Lose Your Job

The first thing Melissa Ben-Ishay did when she was fired was call her brother. He told her to go home and bake her famous cupcakes, reassuring her that they would figure out how to turn her hobby into a business. Within only a week, Baked by Melissa was up and at it. After 14 stores and a whole cookbook later, Melissa’s sweet treats are an immense success.

Similar to Melissa and her company, I was once fired and was quickly faced with the reality of determining how to provide for my family. Although I cannot bake cupcakes like Melissa, I knew that I had the ability to network with other people and sell ideas and quality products to them.

I decided to start my own health and wellness company through Kyani by becoming a distributor who sells their incredible nutritional and skincare products.

Whenever I come across a similar story of someone having their employment situation ripped out from underneath them, I have to share it with others. There are so many things to learn from other people’s journey through problems, especially when they end successfully. Here are the insights I particularly appreciated from the interview with Melissa – insights that can definitely increase your business in the network marketing industry.

Melissa found herself working in a job she was not passionate about. Her lack of passion showed, and one day her boss fired her. She went to her brother’s house in a heartbroken panic, where he asked her to go home and bake her famous cupcakes, which at the time came in only a few flavors. She baked four batches of cakes (a total of one hundred and fifty cupcakes) and sent them to a friend’s work at a Public Relations firm for everyone to try.

The next day her friend’s boss called her obsessed with her cupcakes. He offered her an opportunity to cater, and she gladly accepted. Within only a week, she had her business Baked by Melissa up and running to cater her famous cupcakes to numerous clientele and venues.

Her catering business blossomed from its small operation in Melissa’s apartment to a retail store in Soho. On opening day there were so many people lined up to try her cupcakes that the line went down the street and around the corner. From there, her business grew exponentially, and she now operates 14 stores and ships nationwide.

Melissa has had tremendous success pursuing her passion, and her advice is to persistently work toward your goals every day. If you want to pursue your passion as an entrepreneur and also make money, then be sure to keep your day job.

Melissa mentions how important it is to surround yourself with good people. You are going to sacrifice a lot of your time and energy as an entrepreneur, but the little social time you do have should be around people who will build you up and support you in your business endeavors.

For those that lack confidence, Melissa says it is true that you can do anything you put your mind to. If you have the will to achieve and you are willing to sacrifice, then nothing is impossible. Be the person that you want to be. Embody the attributes and qualities you wish you had.

Melissa’s new book “Cakes by Melissa” details recipes for her classic cupcakes and also ideas on how to be creative and original in your own baking. Coming this Valentine’s Day is a new Valentines-themed cupcake line from Baked by Melissa. Her business ships nationwide and can be found at

Melissa exhibited an entrepreneur’s spirit. She worked hard for a personal goal she had and was willing to sacrifice to achieve that goal. She did not stop when she reached her goal. Instead of quitting she lifted her eyes to newer heights. With more work and determination, she was able to accomplish all she had anticipated and more. Her business is still growing!


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