Age Has Nothing to Do With Chasing the Dream of Success

Age Has Nothing to Do With Chasing the Dream of Success

A few months ago I was at an MLM convention for Kyani and noticed that the group of happy business consultants was not the stereotypical group of overconfident millennials looking to get rich quick.


While there were obviously more young adults than middle age adults, I was surprised to see so many people that I assumed were between forty and sixty years in age. I thought so much about what someone, presumably retired, was doing at an MLM convention of all places.


I pulled myself together and worked up the courage to ask the tough question of why are there more and more old people in MLM companies?


I found the opposite of what I had assumed I would find. My expectation was older adults who were maybe laid off or wanted more money to inflate their retirement accounts. What I actually found was a thriving group of adults who were happier than I could understand, simply looking to pursue their dreams, letting nothing stand in their way.


To clarify, I was not talking to the likes of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson from Bucket List, but adults a few years younger with the same determination to live a life full of purpose, excitement and happiness.


After thinking about the interactions I had with this group, I came to realize that we really are never too old to pursue our dreams or experience success. Thinking or believing there is some age cap to experience life is debilitating and depressing in so many ways.


This incorrect mentality actually keeps people from even thinking they could experience something more than the mundane in their life. It blindly robs people of their motivation to even try something new.


I began to think about those I knew who were in the same age group of those I met at the convention and realized that their overall outlook and happiness was nothing compared to what I saw at convention. Succumbing to or believing in the false perception that your age is a factor in your success or happiness is really only good for creating a bland life.


Commenting on age, Mark Twain noted that “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” The group of older adults who were happy and full of life definitely understood Twain’s view on age.  


If this is not enough to convince you that your age has nothing to do with success, consider for a moment that Henry Ford was 45 years old when he created the Model T. For some, that is just 5-10 years from the age of retirement. Ford experienced success that he could have only dreamed of. He did not let his age get in the way of living his life. And neither should you.


If you struggle with your age, consider the advantage you have of experience. Whether that be experience in life, in a current or previous career, in communicating with others or your overall maturity that many around you do not have. Remember, age is a number representing how long you have been here, not what you cannot have.


Whatever it is in your life you want to pursue or achieve that you have not yet done, start creating a plan now for how you will start on that tomorrow. Stop letting the insignificance of age stand in the way of achieving what you already know you can!



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