Month: April 2018

How to Actually Get Motivated to Exercise

The end of the year is coming which means two things – resolutions and a surge in gym memberships that people will more than likely use just a few times in January then continue paying on through the rest of the year.   There is a small group of people who decide that next year…
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Age Has Nothing to Do With Chasing the Dream of Success

A few months ago I was at an MLM convention for Kyani and noticed that the group of happy business consultants was not the stereotypical group of overconfident millennials looking to get rich quick.   While there were obviously more young adults than middle age adults, I was surprised to see so many people that…
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3 Reasons You Need a Plan for Your Individual MLM Business

It may seem like somewhat of an antiquated idea to develop a business plan, especially for those of you in the network marketing industry. There are, however, a surprising amount of reasons that a business plan is needed for any business. So many people fail to take the time to first understand what a business…
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