Month: January 2018

Getting the Motivation You Need to Start Your Own Business in 2018

2018 is getting closer and closer. With the start of the new year also comes the start of new tax laws that favor new business growth. If there was ever a time to start your own business, now is the time to jump to action. Whether you are looking to start a company based around…
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4 Tips to Creating a Lasting Habit for Success

With the new year fast approaching, many of us have our minds naturally turning to a reflective state, with the goal of creating new positive habits that will hopefully lead to furthered success and happiness. Many people find themselves either stuck in this wishful state of planning and optimism or somewhere on the other side…
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These Charities Are Making the Biggest Difference in Hurricane Aftermath

2017 brought several of the most intense hurricanes in years. Multiple hurricanes ravaged entire islands and coastal cities. There were millions without food and water as well as power. Mass flooding has still taken a toll on structures nearly everywhere you look. Hurricane Maria alone left more than 3.4 million people alone without power for…
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